Crystal Reiki

This is  our signature course, one of the first to bring this modality to Australia. This course certifies you as a Crystal Reiki Master and is self-paced with videos for every single lesson. You'll also be eligible to train others after you've graduated and help bring more light into the world.

What's Crystal Reiki?

Crystal Reiki is it's own modality, it's own unique technique that uses a specific set of 15 symbols for energetic healing combined with the vibrational energy of physical crystals. When these symbols are used with certain techniques and specific crystal grids on or around the body, transformation and healing can occur. 

This is a unique online program using distance attunements with Jackie, founder of House Of Energy and your certified instructor. Whether wanting to learn a new healing technique for yourself, or because you are ready to start healing others and begin a new career, this course will give you the tools to change lives.

Is This For You?

  • Are you ready to wake up every day excited to work with your crystals and have the confidence to heal yourself,  your friends and your clients?
  • Do you want a career that is both financially and spiritually supportive? Or do you want to just have the knowledge and skills to help your friends and family heal and raise their vibration?
  • Do you want to follow your dreams and be of service to others? Do you want to make a difference in this world and lifetime?

Crystal Reiki can give you the tools to achieve all of this. Becoming a Crystal Reiki master can change your life - it did for me! After learning Crystal Reiki I was able to use my crystals in a healing capacity that I wasn't able to before. I felt fulfilled, was helping others and am now training my own students, and you can do this too!


I loved the Crystal Reiki course! It combines two of my favourite healing modalities, Crystals & Reiki. It was great that I could do it at my own pace and was never pressured to hurry up. Now that I have finished I look forward to using Crystal Reiki daily and teaching others this great healing modality.
Thank you Jackie for such an amazing course xx
Lisa K
I find Jackie easy to connect with, and her way of teaching is not only simple and easy to understand, but also in depth and thorough. I learned the module material, but more importantly I learned how to tune into my intuition and trust the process. I recommend this course for anyone interested in energy healing, crystals, or just wanting to develop their personal intuition and spirituality.
Danae P


All three levels of Crystal Reiki are also available to download. Print them off, grab your highlighter and study the old school way! I've also created a free workbook to accompany you as you journey through the symbols and levels, which you'll be able to refer to once you  graduate and are holding Crystal Reiki sessions of your own!


Is this course certified?

Yes! This course is internationally recognised and certified by the IICT. You may choose to become a member of the IICT and gain practitioner insurance. This is an important factor for those wishing to use Crystal Reiki in a business setting (although not legally required).

What can I do with my qualification?

Upon completion of the course you may use this modality for yourself or with friends and family. If you have an exisiting holistic business you can add this to your services, or perhaps you are wanting to start a healing business from scratch. We have had students enrol for both business and personal goals.

Is this just like normal Reiki?

No! Traditional Usui Reiki is very different - Crystal Reiki is not just reiki with crystals. It's specific symbols, used with  specific stones, channeling divine energy.

Is this course suitable for those new to using crystals for healing?

Yes, absolutely. During the course I will explain just how crystals work in this healing capacity and I am available for support even once you have finished your studies. There is a private student group you will have access to where you can ask questions, find support and meet partners to practice your new skills with.

What materials are needed?

6 single-terminated Clear Quartz crystal points, 1 laser wand (or 7th Quartz point), 1 crystal heart (your choice of size and stone). Kits are available, send me an email!

How long do I have to complete the course?

As long as you need! There is no time limit and you will have lifetime access to the course materials and all future updates. This course is self paced and all materials are available online through your own profile you will create when enrolling.

What is the investment?

Your investment is $349 (AUD). Once qualified you are also able to train others in this modality, so your initial investment can pay for itself in no time! At this time, payment plans are not available.

What's included?

File Icon 4 files Text Icon 30 text files


Getting Started & Downloads
Let's Begin!
CrystalReiki_WorkbookA4 (1).pdf
2.77 MB
Crystal Reiki Level 1.pdf
2.89 MB
Crystal Reiki Level 2.pdf
3.79 MB
Crystal Reiki Level 3.pdf
2.84 MB
Level One
Introduction To Crystal Reiki
Benefits & Ethics
The Symbols Of Level 1
Using The Symbols
The Crystal Reiki Grid
Receiving Your Attunement
Opening a Crystal Reiki Session
Closing A Crystal Reiki Session
Final Lesson
Level One: Quiz
Level Two
Introduction to Level 2
The Symbols of Level 2
Using the Symbols
The Grid & Your Attunement
Opening & Closing a Crystal Reiki Session
Angelic Re-Alignment Layout
Final Lesson
Level Two: Quiz
Level Three
Introduction to Level 3
The Symbols of Level 3
Using the Symbols
The Grid and Your Attunement
Opening & Closing a Crystal Reiki Session
The Crystal Reiki Chakra Balance Layout
The Chakra Balance & Energy Infusion Technique
Ethics & Clinical Practice
Final Lesson
Level Three: Quiz
Crystal Reiki Master
Passing on Attunements In Person
Passing on Attunements Distantly
Crystal Reiki Master: Quiz